Membership Requirements
All members of the GOHBA who have become a member of the Association prior to February 1, 2019 are eligible to submit entries into the Awards.  Applicants must remain in good standing with no invoices outstanding greater than 31 days as of the online deadline date, July 18, 2019. Any GOHBA member may be listed as a co-submitter with one of their project partners by joining prior to July 18, 2019 for a minimum of a one year GOHBA membership. A maximum of 2 co-submitters may be listed on one project.

Project Requirements
All projects must be in Ontario within an 80km radius of Parliament Hill as per Google Maps. Any projects submitted outside of this boundary must be entered in the Anywhere in the World Category. Submissions must be 90% complete (excluding landscaping) to qualify to enter the awards. In the case of a multiple phased project, the phase being entered must be 90% complete. The project in the applicant's submission must have been completed between May 2017 and August 2019.

Eligibility Requirements
All entries will be reviewed by the GOHBA to ensure they meet all of the category requirements. Any entry that does not meet these requirements will be subject to disqualification. A minimum of TWO entries is required to stage a competition in a category. Entries may be withdrawn or reclassified based on eligibility into another category as mutually agreed by the entrant and the Housing Design Awards Committee. Projects that have been previously entered may be re-entered, if they have not been named a finalist in the past and they meet all of the other requirements for eligibility

Photo Requirements 
Entrants agree that the information and materials submitted may be used by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association, or its Awards partners, for promotional purposes or in any manner the Association chooses. Information, project names and photographic images provided online may be used publicly by the GOHBA on its website, social/digital media platforms and/or published or broadcasted by GOHBA or a third party at the discretion of the Association.  Please note that submitted project photos cannot include people, pets, or text.The maximum file size per photo is 10MB. Please be patient for large files to upload.

Contemporary & Traditional Design Categories
Categorizing entries will be at the discretion of the entrant. However, said entries may be reclassified if the the judges feel it is warranted.

Drawings & Floor Plans 
Any drawings and floor plans submitted MUST include the following:

  • Key components must be identified, including cabinetry, appliances, sinks, etc. Keep in mind that proper line weights and presentation style drawings are encouraged. 3D views and colour renderings are permitted to enhance the intent of the design.
  • Overall room area and dimensions must be shown
  • Logo and company names need to be omitted

Custom Homes
In order to submit in any Custom Home categories, the Builder, Architect, or Architectural Designer must be included as the entrant or co-submitter.

In order to submit in any Renovation categories the entrant or one of the co-submitters must be a RenoMark® Renovator or Designers.

Square footage for kitchen submissions is defined as the floor area of the room in which the kitchen is located. An integrated eating area, breakfast nook, telephone desk or lounging area is considered to be part of the kitchen space. Pantry square footage should only be included if the pantry is integrated into the kitchen design or immediately adjacent to the kitchen. Please extend your calculation of square footage three feet past the kitchen island. For the E7 categories, entries must be accompanied by detailed pricing information as outlined in the category requirements.

In order for your entries to be judged, the SUBMIT button must be selected for each of your entries prior to the Thursday, July 18, 2019 11:59 PM deadline.

Finalist Boards
Finalists will be announced on August 12, 2019. The finalist entries consist of the preparation of an Awards board that will be displayed at the Ottawa Fall Home Show and the Housing Design Awards Gala. GOHBA will produce a photo board for every finalist entry. Each finalist will receive detailed instructions and templates on this board production process. GOHBA will print each finalist board with graphics, after the finalist has determined the photo placement location.  These photo boards will be on display at the Ottawa Fall Home Show at the EY Centre. Boards will also be displayed in the foyer space of the Gala reception on October 19th. After the Gala, your boards are yours to keep for further promotional purposes.

There will be an additional $20 designer fee per finalist board if the finalist chooses not to create their own board using InDesign or Photoshop