Custom Bathroom - Traditional

GOHBA Housing Design Awards 2021 | GOHBA Housing Design Awards


A Production Bathroom is defined as the standard bathroom in a tract home that is designed to be built more than once.  Standard upgrades offered at the sales center are considered part of a production bathroom.  Production bathroom that have been significantly customized for a purchaser must be entered in the Custom categories. 

A Custom Bathroom means a custom designed, one of a kind bathroom for a specific client. 

We have added contemporary & traditional design options for this category. Categorizing entries will be at the discretion of the entrant. However, said entries may be reclassified at the judge's discretion.

Entry Requirements

Digital Photos

Written submission -  The written submission should tell us how and why this design was so successful 

PDF of the site plan/floor plan - 
Any drawings and floor plans submitted MUST include the following:
•Overall room area and dimensions must be shown
•Key components must be identified, including cabinetry, appliances, sinks, etc.
Keep in mind that proper line weights and presentation style drawings are encouraged. 3D views and colour renderings are permitted to enhance the intent of the design.